Winter can wreak havoc on your landscape due to extreme weather conditions. After a long, harsh season, Spring clean-up services can revitalize your landscape and give you a fresh, clean start. After winter care is not only good for improving your landscape’s aesthetics, but is also vital to keeping your outdoor spaces healthy and thriving!

Fall clean up is less about actual cleaning than preparation for winter. By addressing issues in the Fall you can effectively prevent future problems and ensure your lawn doesn’t get smothered when the snow starts to fall. This assures the restoration of your landscape will be much simpler when the winter season finally comes to an end.

Our Spring & Fall Clean Up Services Include
  • Power Edging — Removal of sod overgrowth on sidewalks and driveways, helping to create clean lines, and clears potential trip hazards on your sidewalk.
  • Rototilling — Churn and break hard soil into workable dirt for landscaping and gardening.
  • Light Pruning & Shaping of Bushes and Trees
  • Power Raking — Right after the snow melts lawns tend to look brown. Power Raking helps to remove dead growth and make room for the green.
  • Core Aeration — Helps loosen the soil and prevents compaction, allowing an easy exchange of water, air and nutrients for your lawn.
  • Light Debris Removal
  • Eavestrough Cleaning — It seems like every year leaves and debris sneak into your gutters, which can cause back-ups and pooling water close to your home. Tessier has the equipment and resources to take care of these issues before they become problematic.
  • Lawn Vacuuming — When your lawn is overrun with leaves our state-of-the-art Stihl vacuums and Billy Goat system can clean up those leaves in a flash.
  • Fertilizer — Help kick start your grass this Spring and develop lush and fertile lawns and flower beds.